Grounded Text-to-Image Synthesis with Attention Refocusing

University of Maryland, College Park
CVPR 2024

Controllable text-to-image synthesis with attention refocusing. We introduce a new framework to improve the controllability of text-to-image synthesis given the text prompts. We first leverage GPT-4 to generate layouts from the text prompts and then use grounded text-to-image methods to generate the images given the layouts and prompts. However, the detailed information, like the quantity, identity, and attributes, is often still incorrect or mixed in the existing models. We propose a training-free method, attention-refocusing, to improve on these aspects substantially. Our method is model-agnostic and can be applied to enhance the control capacity of methods like GLIGEN (top row) and ControlNet (bottom rows)

Plug-and-Play attention refocusing to various text-to-image models

Applying Attention Refocusing to GLIGEN [Li et al. CVPR 2023]

Ablation study

Comparison with existing methods

Mask-based guidance

Applying Attention Refocusing to ControlNet

Comparison with DenseDiffusion [ Kim et al. ICCV 2023]

Additional applications

Instruct text-to-image model

An air hot balloon in the sky, oil painting

A boat in the river, the sun setting

Objects shuffling

Two stages text-to-image generation: GLIGEN +attention-refocusing as grounded text-to-image

Comparison between our two-stage text-to-image model and existing state-of-the-art methods

Diverse generation from our method (GLIGEN+Ours)


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